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This privacy policy will explain how our community group will use your
personal data we collect from your requests for assistance or offers to
volunteer and/or donate.

What Data Do We Collect

Personal Data such as name, address, email address, location and age

How Do We Collect Your Data

You directly volunteer your information, voluntarily complete a questionnaire,
tell a neighbour, or fill in any of our online or social media forms. 

How Will We Use Your Data

Our Community Group collects your information so we may
Assess help required regarding health and wellbeing, self-isolation, poverty,
debt, food shortages. We also collect the minimum amount of data necessary to facilitate adding you to our volunteer list, newsletter, and/or benefactor list (in line with your express permission and GDPR standards).

How We Store Your Data

We will record this data on the Adur Community Gatway database. This will ensure
continued support if needed. We will store this data safely until support is no
longer required in which case it will be erased. 

Minimal data will be stored so we can contact you regarding volunteer opportunities and donation requests only when you have opted in and in line with GDPR standards.

What Are Your Protection Rights

The right to access – You have the right to request any data we hold in your

The right to erasure – You have the right to ask that we erase part or all of your
data other than if your health is at risk and support is required

How to contact us – email

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