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When the pandamic hit, the need for food banks and support expanded exponentially. A small group of us started a facebook group to try and ease the pressure on food banks and get support to those that need it without the stigma. Neighbours in our local community started rasing their hands to offer and recieve help. It was an overwhelming response. As needs arose, our services grew. Our community stepped up and The Gateway Hub was born...and we just keep growing... 

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What We Offer

Since 2020, we've grown to become a place of hope and support for all in the community. We offer subsidised groceries, a food bank (including delivery for our vulnerable neighbours), clothing, school uniform, drop-in support sessions, workshops, coffee mornings, kids play sessions, mental health support, a community allotment and our comfortable 'My Space,' a quiet place to find peace and calm in the midst of all the chaos of life. 

Our Team


Magali Lewis

Wellbeing Project Lead

Karen Payne


Shop/Foodbank Manager

Helena Heal


Volunteer Lead

Jill Lennon


General Manager

Natalie Croxon

Social Media Liason

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